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Eleventh Grade


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Eleventh Grade

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Kathleen Kanopa

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The Ark and the Dove. The study of the history of the Catholic Church from its founding times, stressing the Church as the extension of Christ’s redemptive act through time. Study of a saint.


Composition and grammar; survey of American literature. Catholic texts, suggested reading list. Quarterly book reports.


American History:

European exploration to modern times. Secular text with Catholic supplemental materials and course book. Encyclicals.                  

Chemistry (Elective):

Science dealing with composition, structure, and properties of substances and the changes they undergo. Amsco text. (Pre-requisite: Algebra I; Algebra II also highly recommended)


Advanced Mathematics (Elective):

Saxon Advanced Mathematics. Covers geometry, trigonometry and Algebra III. Stress on structure and nature of deductive proof. (Prerequisite: -8- Algebra II)


Other electives available:

Latin I, French I, Spanish I, Home Economics I, Typing I, Bible Study, Desktop Publishing With appropriate pre-requisites, Latin II, French II, Spanish II, Home Economics II, Typing II, Algebra II Latin III, Home Economics III, Marine Science, Economics For Everybody, Environmental Science, The Research Paper (See Course Offerings in the Forms page for full elective list).

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