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Ninth Grade


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Ninth Grade

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Kathleen Kanopa

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Our Goal and Our Guides. A study of Catholic morality drawn both from reason and revelation, including intensive study of sacraments, virtue, and the Decalogue. Study of a saint.                    



Composition, grammar, and appreciation of literature. Catholic texts and suggested reading list; quarterly book reports.

Christian Culture 1:

Western culture and its antecedents in the Near East, including Israel, Greece, and Rome, showing the expectation of the Messiah to the birth of Christ.      

Science 9:

Fundamental concepts of physical science, with stress on the nature of matter, elements and energy. (AMSCO - text)

Algebra 1:

Saxon text. Basic concepts of algebra with stress on manipulative and problem-solving skills. Efficient, traditional approach with 160% greater retention of algebra.                        


An Introductory Course: Optional math course for ninth grade. Especially designed for students who have difficulty with mathematics. It offers a straightforward presentation of algebraic concepts and procedures (Amsco text).



Latin I, French I, Spanish I, Home Economics I, Typing I (See Course Offerings in the Forms page for full elective list).

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