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Twelfth Grade


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Twelfth Grade

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Kathleen Kanopa

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Toward the Eternal Commencement. Personal holiness, devotion to the Blessed Mother of God, vocations, marriage, and the home. Study of a saint.


Composition and grammar; survey of English literature which includes modern Christian writers and the Christian worldview (Chesterton, T.S. Eliot and others). Catholic texts, suggested reading list. Quarterly book reports.

American Government:

The structure of our government: federal, state, and local. Catholics and their moral responsibilities in American life.

Christianity and the Eastern Religions: (Elective)

Marvelous and truly fascinating course. Catholicism is clearly shown as the true religion, using extensive selections from modern Catholic apologists.

Physics: (Elective)

Matter, motion, mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity. Saxon text.

Calculus: (Elective)

Wang-Saxon text (prerequisite: Advanced Math)

Other electives available:

Latin I, French I, Spanish I, Home Economics I, Typing I, Bible Study, Desktop Publishing With appropriate pre-requisites:

Latin II, French II, Spanish II, Home Economics II, Typing II, Algebra II Latin III, Home Economics III, Advanced Math, Latin IV, Home Economics IV Marine Science, Economics For Everybody, Environmental Science, The Research Paper ((See Course Offerings in the Forms page for full elective list).

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