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Why Catholic Homeschooling?

When children cannot attend a good Catholic school, they tend to become worldly, no longer concerned with the ultimate purpose of this life on earth: to know God, to love God and to serve God in this world so they can be happy with Him forever in Heaven


How can you educate your children at home?

You can educate your children at home with our excellent Catholic books, lesson plans, workbooks, and tests. Our Lady of the Rosary School has sound, sequential programs in all subjects. There are teachers available to you at any time. Our entire curriculum is designed to teach your children their faith and lead your children to academic excellence.


Are you able to teach your own children?

We estimate that more than 80% of our mother-teachers in Our Lady of the Rosary School have a high school education, and their elementary school children are scoring two years above their peers in their standardized tests. High school students are scoring 1000 or better in their SATs. You have been taught for years that teaching your children is in the province of the educators, but many of them are not teaching your children even the basics, and most are teaching secular humanism (atheism: there is no God) to your children every day.

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